Mimaki introduces 3.2 m-wide direct sublimation inkjet printer “Tx500P-3200DS”


Mimaki Engineering Co. Ltd. (President and Representative Director: Kazuaki Ikeda), a leading global manufacturer of wide format inkjet printers and cutting plotters, announced that it will launch the new 3.2 m-wide direct sublimation inkjet printer model Tx500P-3200DS in January 2017. This model includes a heater for color fixation to enable two processes in a single printer.

Soft signage is beginning to draw attention based on its environmental friendliness and economy. Soft signage products emit no volatile organic compounds after printing and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions during transport because they are lightweight and foldable. In particular, soft signage is becoming popular for interior decorations or illuminated displays in exhibition halls, shopping malls, and or airports. Further, the demand for the wide-format digital on-demand inkjet printers is increasing in order to quickly deliver large-sized signage.

At the same time, textile industry printing systems have been changing from conventional analog printing setups to plateless digital printing in order to meet the market demand for high-mix, low-volume print production capabilities and quick delivery. Accordingly, production settings have been moving from remote regions to urban areas closer to consumers. Moreover, the creation of one-of-a-kind items via the Internet is becoming increasingly popular among consumers. This market trend is spreading to the home décor market, which requires printing on extra wide fabrics to provide draperies, linens, and upholsteries.

Tx500P-320DS considerably reduces production time through the simultaneous processing of two operations, printing and color fixation, and can meet various needs from samples to large-lot production within quick delivery times. The printer features 12 printheads arranged in three staggered lines to achieve a maximum printing speed of 130 m2/h (*1). To deliver high-quality print results, a pulling roller and Auto Media Feeder (AMF) maintain secure textile transportation even at this maximum printing speed.

The 3.2-m-wide direct sublimation Tx500P-3200DS inkjet printer is suitable for printing on wide fabrics used for creating soft signage or on home furnishing products, and its unique simultaneous printing and color fixation capability, expands business opportunities.



Mimaki is a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting machines for the sign/graphics, industrial and textile/apparel markets.

Mimaki develops the complete product range for each group; hardware, software and the associated consumable items, such as inks and cutting blades.

Mimaki excels in offering innovative, high quality and high reliability products, based upon its aqueous, latex, solvent and UV-curable inkjet technology.

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