“We expect to see more interactive print applications in Egypt”

Q&A with Ashraf Nathan, the head of the Graphic Communication Department in Xerox Egypt


What are your expectations from the Egyptian market with regard to the Xerox Brenva and Trivor launch? How do these presses fit into the ‘zone of disruption’ as described by Infotrends?

Infotrends defined the zone of disruption as Inkjet products with competitive running costs and high productivity with speeds that are faster than current cut-sheet toner devices and cost less than most 20” roll fed color presses. Brenva and Trivor definitely fit into this zone. Both presses take some of the high-end capabilities from toner presses (like the iGen product series) and put them into the production inkjet market. Brenva capabilities include: the ink estimation tool that enables clients to estimate the amount of ink the next print job will use, object-oriented color management system that recognizes text, graphics and images, then optimizes the image quality for each accordingly, in addition to the K-only mode that allows Brenva to run as a cost-effective monochrome press. Also the inline spectrophotometer provides automation in press calibration and the creation of stock profiles.

Trivor brings more flexibility and scalability to the continuous feed market, enabling printers to grow and update capacity with ease with its increased speed of 551 feet/168 meters per minute in color; 656 feet/200 meters per minute in monochrome, smart print heads that enables the press to detect malfunctioning nozzles on the print head and heightens the activity of other nozzles, in addition to the inline density optimization assures uniformity of colors across all pages on the print run.

What are the new growth opportunities for Xerox in Egypt? Also, what are the growth opportunities for PSPs with regard to new applications?

There is no doubt that the evolution of more intelligent applications in the different vertical markets will push the technology forward in the near future in Egypt. We expect to see more interactive print applications and new media for printing that will require new technology to support its usage.

How will these two presses help Xerox capture the inkjet market in Egypt? Who is your target customer in Egypt for these presses?

The presses are the first in an innovative new series of inkjet offerings to come from Xerox and will provide Xerox Egypt's customers with more tailored and enhanced inkjet technological solutions. These presses will support and provide customers with new opportunities and solutions to drive the production of more high-value applications such as direct mail, transactional, books and catalogs and thus supporting them in developing and expanding their offerings. They serve different sectors such as the industrial and commercial sectors as well as the educational sector for printing and publishing books.

The Brenva HD and Trivor 2400 presses will perfectly complement Xerox's integrated solutions and services. In addition to the iGen5 launch which adds a fifth color option to digital printing, boosting press uptime and offering multiple speed choices and thus complimenting the unique range of products showcased during Drupa.

What excites you about Drupa 2016?

In general, Drupa provides Xerox with a unique opportunity to focus on the winning strategies that can help customers succeed in today's changing industry. Drupa acts as a platform, not only for exhibiting the latest state of the art printing technologies and solutions but also for sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas about successful business models within the industry.

Drupa’s 2016 focus is on the future technologies specifically in the fields of inkjet printing, functional and industrial printing and green printing which suits Xerox perfectly. These innovative technologies are driving the market forward and are opening up significant opportunities and growth potential worldwide.

Xerox Egypt- being a market leader in the digital printing and graphic communications sector, with almost 55% market share (production printers), is looking forward to make the best out of Drupa showcasing a number of unparalleled technologies and innovations that will be one of the major highlights of this event that are developed to support companies to deliver more jobs in less time, and more efficiently.



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