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Technologies such as QR, AR and NFC galvanize print's position in the connected world

David Pittman ,

In a connected world, where the internet and mobile devices are an integral part of our day-to-day lives, the printing industry has had to face up to the fact that the world in which we live has changed.

Be it the rise of e-readers and online publishing, and the connotations for the commercial print market, or the growth in e-commerce and online shopping, which has altered the role of labels and packaging, “traditional” print has had to evolve in recent years to cater to new ways of communicating.

One way this evolution in print has occurred is by looking to technologies such QR, AR, NFC, etc. that allow the market to cement its place in the connected world.

A “smart” technology feature area will form part of the Gulf Print & Pack 2015 programme, and include products and services relevant to the commercial, packaging and label printing markets which connect the physical to the digital and provide a valuable tool for keeping print relevant in the 21st century. 

500 years ago printing was very much in its infancy, 20 years ago the world-wide web was being introduced, while 10 years ago the iPhone was just a dream. Where will we be in five years? Time will tell but Gulf Print & Pack 2015 will open your eyes to some of the possibilities.

Gulf Print and Pack

Gulf Print and Pack

Gulf Print and Gulf Pack are two dedicated events for the printing and packaging markets in the MENA region. Both are held simultaneously in Dubai, UAE by Fairs and Exhibitions which is part of the Tarsus Group.

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David Pittman

David Pittman

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David Pittman is Group News Editor, responsible for the on-line editorial content of both Labels & Labeling and Packprint World. In addition Pittman is editor of Packprint World and a consultant for both the Packprint Summit and Packprint zone at Labelexpo.

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