Printing and Publishing Group holds election

All industry players are welcome to take part in the event

Mazen Haj ,

Printing and Publishing Group will be having the Committee Election on the 18th of September 2013. I am encouraging all the printing and packaging houses, suppliers and publishing houses to attend this important gathering.

By participating in the event you’ll find the opportunity to share your knowledge and your experience with the rest of the graphic arts community and contribute to overall growth of the sector. Being a committee member for PPG is an important task because you become the voice for what you are representing in our sector.

It is a fact that our business is encompassing and some of us may not even be aware of what the other companies has to offer. This is their chance to highlight what they have. Be a representative of what you are capable of so people could be aware of its existence. 

Becoming a part of the committee is not a job; it is a responsibility, a contribution to an industry that we cherish. We do not want to become dormant to what we are used to, we have to explore and learn more through the help of new members who are willing to share their knowledge. In this way we all find the opportunity to contribute to the industry and create new ideas for the future trends.

Mazen Haj

Mazen Haj

Printing & Publishing Group chairman

Mazen Haj, a born entrepreneur, is the founder and Managing Director of Printec LLC. He is graduated from the American University of Beirut (AUB) with a degree in Administration and landed in the UAE in May 1993. He then joined a leading printing material and paper supply company in Dubai.
This opportunity opened up the path for him to be part of the amazing world of printing and have the chance to understand the essence of paper manufacturing, print and post print finishing solutions.
In 1999 he founded Printec L.L.C. The company now is one of the major players in the region and represents top global manufacturers of print finishing equipment and speciality paper.
Mazen Haj was elected as the chairman of PPG in 2012

mazenhaj@printecarabia.com |


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