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In the wake of technology stagnation, the future of printing industry looks hazy

Eskandar Jahanbani ,

Printing has always been a dynamic and innovative industry. The rate of innovation in the ink and paper industry has been staggering. With all the new digital printing kits coming to the market it seems that the industry is on a roll as far as the innovation is concerned. But the underlying truth maybe that the industry as a whole is stagnant.

Some pundits now believe despite all the hoopla about how digital technology and smartphone explosion are driving the printing industry towards a fantastic future, printing industry is losing its mojo.

Offset printing has been dormant for some time now and the basic concepts about integration in print hasn’t changed much since it was introduced back in 1995. Of course the machines are faster and more reliable but at the end of the day they churn out what they have been producing for decades. But based on an article recently published in the Economist printing industry is not the only industry that is experiencing stagnation.

According to the article the rich world’s economic doldrums may be rooted in a long-term technological stasis. And the new technologies don’t have the same energizing effects that they had during 80’s and 90’s.

At least we can take comfort in the fact the printing is not alone and all the industries are going through a period of great stagnation.

Eskandar Jahanbani

Eskandar Jahanbani

ME Printer Editor in Chief

Eskandar Jahanbani made his name and career by working as a newscaster and translator. He then embarked on his editorial career with a series of magazines and newspapers. Moving up the ladder, he then co funded ME Printer Magazine in Dubai in the year 2003 and since then has been serving as the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine. Jahanbani travels extensively around the globe to catch the in-things and trends in the print world. He has met and interviewed connoisseurs in the print industry. Jahanbani writes regular articles for ME Printer. His articles also appeared in Drupa Report, Flexo and Gravure International magazine and Printing Industries of America Magazine.

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