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Early in 2012, Xingraphics launched its low-chemistry, low-maintenance thermal plate solution, and is continuing to enjoy a surge in global plate sales in all markets. This trend looks to continue. The main reason we are successful is that Xingraphics is the only China based company focused on manufacturing CTP thermal plates. Our tightly networked team who continuously communicate with R&D and the manufacturing facilities allows Xingraphics to respond to market trends.

Why use Xingraphics low-chemistry solution?

Xingraphics’ low-chemical usage Arto D Developer and Arto R Replenisher products have been designed to allow end users to reduce the amount of chemistry needed while maintaining a clean developer bath throughout the chemistry life. Customers using the new chemistries have reported a chemical consumption reduction of up to 40%, and an increase in overall bath life. They have also reported lower maintenance requirements needed to complete a chemistry change.

Xingraphics has seen the trend in global markets towards the so-called chemistry-free or processless CTP thermal plates in selective markets, and we accept that in some instances this may be the best solution for some customers. However, we are also seeing the trend where customers prefer to use low-chemistry CTP thermal plate solutions. Many customers are even switching to our low-chemistry solution after using chemistry-free or processless plates for a short period of time. Paul Rudman, Xingraphics technical product manager, Europe says: “In the past three months alone, we have converted four printers who were using chemistry-free plates to our low-chemistry thermal solution. Our product gave them financial cost benefits and was welcomed with open arms by the pre-press and the printers.” Many printers have voiced the concern about being locked into one technology that is only available from one supplier. For example, they removed the existing plate processor that had always worked well when processing thermal plates from a multitude of manufacturers over the years, in favour of plates that process on press or need a unique gumming unit. They then realise in the event of a supply problem, they do not have any alternative way of producing plates. The Xingraphics low-chemistry solution utilises existing equipment widely used in the industry.

The current processless option requires the plates to be developed on press. This technology is basically similar to the plate that needs a processor or a gumming unit, except the coating is removed on the press, which now serves as a very expensive plate processor. The coating is simply broken down into the ink or fount and is reported by the plate manufacturers to be carried out of the press on the printed sheets. Although the use of chemicals in the pre-press area has been removed, customers have stated that they have seen an increase in time needed for press cleaning procedures. Jay Harrison, business development manager, says: “My customers in Canada and the United States that have made the switch to Xingraphics FIT Primus and Arto chemistry have been very satisfied with the reduction in chemistry consumption. The overall performance in pre-press performance has been quite significant.”

Xingraphics chemistry-free and processless plates

We acknowledge the need for greener solutions and will leapfrog the existing plate technology being offered by the big three. Xingraphics have and will continue to invest in R&D. Xingraphics chemistry-free and processless plate is the only truly processless and chemistry-free product. This technology will not be suitable for all printers but will complement our low-chemistry solution within our product portfolio.

Factfile Xingraphics

· Privately owned company based in China that specialises in the manufacturing of CTP thermal plates

· Four plate manufacturing lines that all have latest automatic quality control features

· More than 400 employees

· High-quality product portfolio

· Established in 2006

· Fourth largest global manufacturer of thermal CTP plates

· Only sells via selective dealers in each country and does not sell direct to end users

· Globally/locally based network of technical support staff

· Has achieved up to 60% market share in several global regions

· Global distribution partners for our products include Heidelberg, manroland, Screen and Staples

· Fit Primus and Arto chemical range are fully accredited by Heidelberg



Based in Xindu Industrial Development Zone, Chengdu Xingraphics Co., Ltd. is dedicated to the development, manufacture, sales and services of CTP plates.


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