A Case Study on How German packaging giant Contego streamlined its operation across Europe

Automation And Integration Are Keys To Profitability

Provided by EFI - Electronics for Imaging

The Contego Packaging Group consists of two business divisions. One produces cartons for high-quality consumer products and the other pharmaceutical packaging for the healthcare industry. The two divisions comprise 14 locations throughout Europe and all manufacture packaging and labels using EFI Radius industry-specific software.

The 10...

The Pre-Press Question

Provided by xingraphics

Early in 2012, Xingraphics launched its low-chemistry, low-maintenance thermal plate solution, and is continuing to enjoy a surge in global plate sales in all markets. This trend looks to continue. The main reason we are successful is that Xingraphics is the only China based company focused on manufacturing CTP thermal plates. Our tightly...

The principles of electrostatics and how electrostatic print assist systems can improve printing technology

Electrostatic Systems-Charge And Discharge

Provided by Thomas Litterst

When processing materials which have insulating properties – like paper, textiles, glass, chemicals or synthetics – electrostatic build up is almost inevitable. In most cases it is generated when processing the materials (e.g. combining, separating, bonding, welding, pressing). Lightweight materials with high insulating values often raise...

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